Pimer Liquid "3M" 30ml (adhesion promoter)

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Primer "3M" 30 ml (adhesion promoter)

- When operating a car, the smallest pores on the surface of the paintwork and parts made of polymers (plastics) are clogged with particles of tar, dust and car chemistry.
- Therefore, when trying to glue something on such a surface, it is not always possible to qualitatively complete the installation, and degreasing does not eliminate the entire spectrum of contaminants.
- Primer 3M is intended for the preparation of mounting surfaces before applying self-adhesive materials (decorative films, stickers, double-sided adhesive tape nameplates, etc.).
- Increases the adhesion properties of low-energy surfaces, as it has a specially developed “3M” formulation designed for all types of materials used in the automotive and advertising industries.
- The use of an adhesion promoter guarantees reliable bonding and durable operation of the materials to be joined.

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