Rear Diffuser var №1 for Bumper for Mazda 6 / Atenza GJ

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Vehicle:  Mazda
Model:  6 GJ 3th Generaion
Years:  2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Facelift:  Compatible, works with Mazda 6 GJ all years
Comleteness:  Diffuser base - 1 pc., Center. pad No. 1 (flat) - 1 pc., LED Stop signal - 1 pc. (red by default), Bumper amplifier -1pcs., set of fasteners.
Dimensions:  1530mm*530mm*110mm
Weight (grams):  1850
Material:  ABS Plastic
Installation time:  60 min
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For self-installation you will need: We have included the necessary goods in your basket, they will definitely come in handy with this product (uncheck if you don’t need them)

Double Side Tape "3М" (8mm х 3meters) (acrylic double-sided adhesive tape) (packing 130*130*8mm)

Primer "3M" Napkin (adhesion promoter)

Delivery Completeness.
1. The base of the Diffuser with a prepared matching site for all four types of central covers - 1 pc (ABS plastic)
2. Center plate in stock - 1 pc (ABS plastic)
3. Stiffening agent  prepared for installation (ABS plastic)
4. Bracket with a hole for a standard 8mm clip - 2 pcs. (ABS plastic)
5. A set of self-tapping screws - 12 pcs.
6. Plastic clamp - 1 pc.
7. For options No. 1 and No. 2
Stop Signal in stock: Red, Smoky, White. With operation capability in two modes: Constant and Flashing. See appendix No. 2

Stop Signal Already installed on screws with internal hexagon to the central cover

Way of fastening: Cutout of a bumper, 3M adhesive tape, with the  use of primer, fastening elements.

Notice, for installation you will need an adhesive tape and a primer, which are not included to the kit, you may purchase them separately.

Cost of painting: depends on the color of the painting and a combination of different colors.

Kit Weight:

       *Качество детали зависит не от материала изготовления, а от отношения производителя к процессу на всех стадиях разработки и производства.


For installation you will need:

1. Clean vehicle *** 
2. 3M Double-sided adhesive tape 8 or 12 mm wide (completed at extra charge at a client`s option)
3. Napkin with primer (completed at extra charge at a client`s option)
4. Degreasing agent
5. A piece of clean cloth
6. Angle grinder
7. Hand sanding block with abrasive paper
8. Four-way screwdriver
9. Clip remover tool
10. Adhesive tape
11. Ruler 25-30 sm
12. Marker pen
13. For variants  №1 and №2 - basic knowledges of auto electrics with the plug-in instrument and isolation materials needed.
You may plug in either to stop-signal, or to fog lights, or to any other source  as well as resettle separate button. Also at your option You may arrange a reversal from one mode to another.
14. For variants №1 and №2 - screwdriver with hexagon for the stop-signal removal and mounting in case of selfdependent painting. 

Installation process:

1. By means of paper adhesive tape and marker to indicate where the central part must be cut out. Retract 20mm from top edge of matching site and 40mm from exhaust pipe pocket. See appendix №3. 
2. Before proceeding to cutting out we recommend to release wiring which is located from driver`s side in the bottom of bumper.
3. Cut out according to indication and slightly rub down remaining rough edges .
4. Fix the standard wiring which was previously released on a collar plate .
5.  To stick the stiffening agent to the rear arm by means of double-side adhesive tape, cleaning and degreasing preliminary.
6. Install additional brackets on the standard sites by means of standard clips.
7. On degreasing and applying the primer for paste-in install the base of diffusor by means of double-side adhesive tape.
8. Tighten a lower perimeter of diffuser (including to new brackets) on the self-tapping screws.
9. Install the central part on the base of diffuser using double-sided tape.
10. For variants  №1 и №2
11. Plug in stop signal on the mode chosen at the convenient place.


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