Universal Plastic Grid(Mesh) "Modulo Style"

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Comleteness:  Mesh - 1 pc.
Dimensions:  1190х570mm
Weight (grams):  350 grams
Material:  ABS Plastic
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Universal ABS Plastic Mesh Modulo Style 


Total length: 1190mm

Total width: 570mm

Depth: 5 mm (tolerance 1mm).

The length of the cell (internal size): 85 mm.

The width of the cell (internal size): 20 mm.

Lamelian thickness: 4.5-5mm

We mostly make coating of our parts at the official dealers. The coating process is accomplished according to a code of painting. The “base colour” is blended according to painting code. In most cases of our parts coating process the color matching on fuel cap is not needed.  The parts match in 95% of orders, sometimes having slight differences in vehicle dashes. But also there is low percent when the base color differs distinctively from vehicle dash. If you have doubts in this case of colouring on painting code please consult our managers or make color matching on fuel cap of a vehicle.

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