Front Bamper Fangs (Lip, Pads) for Mitsubishi Outlander((3rd generation) Broomer Design (2012-2014)

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Vehicle:  Mitsubishi
Model:  Outlander
Years:  2012 2013 2014
Comleteness:  bumper pads - 3 pcs.
Dimensions:  1250mm*700mm*300
Weight (grams):  2500
Material:  ABS Plastic
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Attention, information on the results of painting parts.

In most cases, we carry out painting of our parts at official dealers. Parts are painted according to the paint code. According to the paint code, it merges, so to speak, “base color”. In most cases, painting of our parts, tinting on the hatch is not required, the parts match in 95% of orders, sometimes there are slight discrepancies in shades with the car. But there is also a small percentage where the base color is very different from the hue of the car. If you have any doubts about this painting according to the paint code, then please consult with our managers or do tinting according to the car hatch.
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