Front Grill, option №4 fully painted & assembled original grill for Mazda 6 / Atenza GJ

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Vehicle:  Mazda
Model:  6 GJ 3th Generation
Years:  2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Facelift:  Compatible 2015, 2016, 2017 only for Drive and Active
Comleteness:  Assembled, fully painted complete set: Original Mazda grille base(GHP950712E) - 1 pc., Base part (black mat crash) - 1 pc., Set of strips - 3 pcs. (Upper, middle, lower) crash in any color, MV-Tuning stickers - 2 pcs. . (gold and silver), equipped with 3M adhesive tape
Dimensions:  1150mm*390mm*230mm
Weight (grams):  5000
Material:  ABS Plastic
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Comleteness: Base part - 1pc., set of bars - 3 pcs. (upper, central, lower), MV-Tuning stickers - 2 pcs. (golden, silver), completed with 3M tape 
Only for Mazda 6 III Generation GJ  vehicles with no diode headlights and fog lights of all years 2012-2017
2015, 2016, 2017 - compatible with Touring Version.


Version №1:
1. Base part(GHP950712E) with seating for decorative bars - 1 pc. (for further coating)
2. Decorative bars - 3pcs. (For further coating)
3. MV-Tuning stickers - 2 pcs. (golden, silver)
4. Completed with 3M-tape and napkin soaked with primer.

Dimensions in package: 86sm х 31sm х 12sm
packaging size:1,5 kg.

Fixation method: completely factory-installed fastening
Cost of coating: MV-Tuning base part to the black matt, 3 bars to any tint color 

Completely do-it-yourself coating and installation to the standard radiator grill with preliminary cutting-out of central part of standard grill base plate. (The installation is possible either with standard grill removal, or on the vehicle itself.)

Видео презентация решетки радиатора:

Видео инструкция по установке решетки радиатора:

For installation you will need: 1. Original base plate of Mazda 6 GJ 2012- /radiator grill or Mazda 6 GJ 2012 vehicle with the original radiator grill installed. 2. Sharp knife 3. Degreaser 4. A piece of clean cloth 5. Hand brace with boring tool M6 6. Four-way screwdriver 7. Clip remover tool 8. Caliper gage 7,5 mm. Before installation coating of parts is needed: 1. We recommend to coat the base part to matt black 2. The bars at your option. Popular colours: - dimmed blacklead - black glaze coat - matt black - to the vehicle color according to coating code Installation process: 1. Remove from a vehicle or take a new base plate of radiator grill / proceed to work on the vehicle itself with the original radiator grill installed. 2. Cut out the bars carefully from the central part of original radiator grill base plate. 3. By means of caliper gage mark out a deadline of skim cut 7,5mm of edge and delete all the extra including that of an upper side of base plate. (see the video) 4. Degrease the prepared pasting site, and apply the primer by means of single-use napkin. 5. Unstick part of protective liner of double-sided tape on the base part carefully, then paste it in the prepared hatch on the original base plate of radiator grill. 6. Degrease and apply the primer on the sites of pasting-in of decorative bars and MV-Tuning sticker. 7. Paste in the MV-Tuning nameplate sticker on the specially prepared site. 8. Paste in the decorative bars on the seating sites. Remove the primer traces by means of degreaser. 9. Install the modified grill on the vehicle and take pleasure about the result obtained.
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