Window Spoiler (Visor) var №2 Wide for Mazda 6 GH Sedan

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Vehicle:  Mazda
Model:  6 GH 2th Generaion Sedan
Years:  2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Facelift:  Compatible
Comleteness:  Rear window trim - 1 pc.
Dimensions:  1400mm*150mm*30mm
Weight (grams):  1400
Material:  ABS Plastic
Installation time:  30 min
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For self-installation you will need: We have included the necessary goods in your basket, they will definitely come in handy with this product (uncheck if you don’t need them)

Double Side Tape "3М" (12mm х 5meters) (acrylic double-sided adhesive tape) (packing 130*130*12mm)

Primer "3M" Napkin (adhesion promoter)

Fixation method: Doube-sided 3M adhesive tape, sealing component optionally.

Notice! For the mounting you need to have adhesive 

tape and primer which are not included to the kit. You may purchase  them separately. 

Color: unpainted black ABS-plastic. Any color painting at extra charge is possible


We mostly make painting of our parts at the official dealers. The painting process is accomplished according to a code of painting. The “base colour” is blended according to painting code. In most cases of our parts painting process the color matching on fuel cap is not needed.  The parts match in 95% of orders, sometimes having slight differences in vehicle dashes. But also there is low percent when the base color differs distinctively from vehicle dash. If you have doubts in this case of colouring on painting code please consult our managers or make color matching on fuel cap of a vehicle.

 Istallation Instruction
Easy adjustment by means of double-sided tape and primer:
1. Ungrease the pasting  place on rear window spoiler and rear window and apply primer by means of single-use napkin.
2. Apply double-sided tape to the rear window spoiler.
3. Put the item to the vehicle, set out the part plain and make notes for the installation of window spoiler on a vehicle.
4. Carefully remove a part of protective liner of double-sided tape.
5. Apply the spoiler according to the note and pull out the liner remained at the same time pressing the item to the window.
6. Clear away the remains of primer by means of degreasing agent.
All the window spoilers manufactured by “MV-Tuning” company are mounted by one variant.
Example of video mounting on our You Tube channel
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