Sport Bonnet(Hood) var №1 "Agressive Waterproof" Honda Accord 8(VIII) / Acura TSX

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Vehicle:  Honda / Acura
Model:  Accord 8(VIII) CU1, CU2, CW1, CW2 / TSX CU2, CW2
Years:  2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
Facelift:  Compatible with all years
Comleteness:  Sport Bonnet(Hood) - 1 pc.
Dimensions:  1480mm*1300mm*140mm
Weight (grams):  12200 gram
Material:  Highqualiti Fiberglass
Installation time:  30 - 60 min
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Hood plastic "Agressive Waterproof" Honda Accord VIII Var No. 1 (with deaf air intakes)

Color: Unpainted fiberglass, paint in any color is possible at an additional cost.

• Brand new

• Produced of quality-made FRP material

• No need of additional refinement

• Fit and quality  guaranteed 

• Easy to  install (please see installation instruction on our description). The item does not require any modifications on the car. It fits perfectly.

Color: Unpainted fiberglass, paint in any color is possible at an additional cost.

For your recomendation regarding painting:

 Before painting the parts apply it on the car to make sure it perfectly fits. There have been incidents at body shops damaging the plastic part with wrong type of paint and high temperature drying. The drying temperature must not exceed 60°С  (140F).

Our items require only conventional automotive painting technique:  sanding, priming, painting  and clear coating.

Mass-produced parts may have small surface scratches that are easily removed during prep work.

We mostly make painting of our parts at the official dealers. The painting process is accomplished according to a code of painting. The “base colour” is blended according to painting code. In most cases of our parts painting process the color matching on fuel cap is not needed.  The parts match in 95% of orders, sometimes having slight differences in vehicle dashes. But also there is low percent when the base color differs distinctively from vehicle dash. If you have doubts in this case of colouring on painting code please consult our managers or make color matching on fuel cap of a vehicle.

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