Front Pad(Lip, Skirt) Type-S Style for Honda Accord 8(VIII) / Acura TSX

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Vehicle:  Honda / Acura
Model:  Accord 8 (VIII Gen) CU1, CU2, CW1, CW2 / TSX CU2, CW
Years:  2008 2009 2010
Facelift:  Not compatible with facelift bumpe 2011-2013 years
Comleteness:  Skirt on the bumper - 1 pc., Double-sided tape, mounting brackets
Dimensions:  1820mm*580mm*200mm
Weight (grams):  1050 gram
Material:  ABS Plastic
Installation time:  30 min
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Color: Unpainted black ABS - plastic, can be painted in any color for an additional fee.

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