BLACKOUT EDITION. Lip Spoiler to the trunk lid for Honda Accord 8 (VIII) / Acura TSX (2008-2014)

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Vehicle:  Honda / Acura
Model:  Accord 8(VIII) CU1, CU2 / TSX CU2
Years:  2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
Facelift:  Compatible with all years, sedans only
Comleteness:  Lip Spoiler for the trunk - 1pc., 3М Double Tape, Adhesive napkin - 1pc.
Dimensions:  1250mm*200mm*40mm
Weight (grams):  400 grams
Material:  ABS Plastic
Installation time:  30 min
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Lip Spoiler "Blackout Edition" for Honda Accord VIII / Acura TSX (CU2) - a special edition of lip spoilers coated in glossy black! Designed and manufactured by MV-TUNING.

The price of the Blackout Edition series spoiler includes: coating in black gloss, 3M double-sided tape pasted by means of a primer  and a napkin with primer. To install the part on your own you will need to wipe the place where the part is mounted on your car with a cloth soaked with a primer (which is included to the kit), attach the part to the place of attachment and pull out the red “liner” from 3M tape.

Lip spoiler is an ingenious and stylish element of body kits designed specially for your Honda Accord VIII / Acura TSX (CU2)

Lip (tail) spoiler is a small cover for a trunklid which elaborates your vehicle. Such lip spoiler successfully fits with your vehicle design and is considered to be visual extension of trunklid. 

Lip spoiler of "MV-TUNING" company:
• Produced of quality-made ABS-Plastic material;
• No need of additional refinement;
• Have ideal fitment and excellent surface quality which will have a positive effect on cost and quality of subsequent painting and adjustment; 
• Easily fitted on trunklid with double sided tape by means of special primer. Do-it-yourself adjustment is possible;
• No need of trunklid and technical hole drilling

Lip (tail) spoiler is an additional design element which will form up energetical features to the Honda rear part exterior.This body kits element will create an expressive style and more solid perception of exterior and give a new look to your Honda on the whole.

  *The part quality doesn`t depend on material produced, it depends on relation of manufacturer to the process at all the stages of development and production.

Easy adjustment by means of double-sided tape and primer:

1. Ungrease the pasting  place on rear spoiler and trunklid and apply primer by means of single-use napkin.
2. Apply double-sided tape to the rear lip(tail) spoiler.
3. Put the item to the vehicle, set out the part plain and make notes for the installation of spoiler on a vehicle.
4. Carefully remove a part of protective liner of double-sided tape.
5. Apply the spoiler according to the note and pull out the liner remained at the same time pressing the item to the trunklid.
6. Clear away the remains of primer by means of degreasing agent.
All the lip(tail) spoilers manufactured by “MV-Tuning” company are mounted by one variant.
Please watch the installation video guide on our YouTube channel

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