Front Bumper "Mugen Style" for Honda Accord VIII 8 / Acura TSX 2008-2014

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Vehicle:  Honda / Acura
Model:  Accord 8 (VIII Gen) CU1, CU2, CW1, CW2 / TSX CU2, CW2
Years:  2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
Facelift:  Compatible with all years. For 2011-2013 need hange FOG Lights from 2008-2010 model.
Comleteness:  Bumper -1set., A set of nets, metal. brackets, screw and nut -6 pcs., clip import - 11 pcs.
Material:  ABS Plastic
Installation time:  60 min
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All the bumpers presented in our catalogue are developed and produced by “MV-Tuning” company. 

The bumpers elaborated by our specialists specially for HONDA Accord 8 / Acura TSX  will give to your vehicle new predatory look owing to which your car will be able to stand out from the other vehicles. 

The bumpers from “MV-Tuning company”: *
• Brand new
• Produced of quality-made ABS-Plastic material
• No need of additional refinement
• Have ideal fitment and excellent surface quality which will have a positive effect on cost and quality of subsequent painting and adjustment; 
• Fit and quality  guaranteed 
• Easy to  install (please see installation instruction on our youtube channel) The item does not require any modifications on the car. It fits perfectly.

  *The part quality doesn`t depend on material produced, it depends on relation of manufacturer to the process at all the stages of development and production.

 Way of fastening: Fasteners, double-sided tape.

Color: Unpainted black ABS - plastic, can be painted in any color for an additional fee.
There are marks for cutting holes for headlight washers and parking sensors on bumper`s inner side .

*This bumper is provided with only prefacelift version FOG Lights  of 2008-2010.

Attention, information on the service of painting parts.

In most cases, we paint our parts at authorized dealers. Parts are painted according to the paint code. According to the paint code, the so-called “base color” merges. In most cases, when painting our parts, hatch tinting is not required, the details coincide in 95% of orders, sometimes there are slight differences in shades with the car. But also a small percentage remains when the base color is very different from the shade of the car. If you have any doubts about this, painting by paint code, then I ask you to consult with our managers or make a tint on the car door.

This product is designed and carefully made by MV-Tuning. We have been manufacturing Body Kits for over 14 years. We are well known in Eastern Europe, and now expand to international market. 

We are manufacturers. Buying from us, you do not overpay to resellers and relieve yourself of the risk of buying low-quality goods! 
You save time and money! You can get decent advice on any product that we produce, information on the parts pretreatment and coating, and delivery all over the world.

*For your recommendation:
Mass-produced parts may have small surface scratches that are easily removed during pretreatment process.
     Before painting the eyelid apply it on the car to make sure it perfectly fits. There have been incidents at body shops damaging the plastic part with wrong type of paint and high temperature drying. The drying temperature must not exceed 60°С  (140F).
Our items require only conventional automotive coating technique: Sanding, Priming, Coationg and Clear Coating.

1. On bumper coating please set nets through the net mounting bracket at the bumper`s reverse side (4 nets in total - 1 huge, 1 medium size and 2 small).
2. Install the Mügen nameplate through the radiator grill net by means of 2 nuts with ring plate which are included to the kit. 
3. Install the central lower lip. On the cover perimeter paste 3M-tape using primer.  Paste also metal areas. Alongside with 3M-tape they fix the lip on top to the lower grill. It is fixed from the bottom side on 4 self-tapping screws.

1. The new bumper is installed on the same fasteners as the old one.  The only difference is that it has 4 fastening points overhead on the radiator grill. Initially they have no holes. Take boring tool by 8 and drill the holes by site. These fixture elements are attached to the cover which is fastened itself to the radiator frame by means of standard clips.
2. Lower decorative protection (protection plastic) is partially changed to the new one which is included to the kit.
3. Install Antifog lights from 2008-2010 model (not included to the kit).
4.  Install the covers on the foglights which are included to the kit. They are applied on the 3M-double sided  tape.
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