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Subaru is a Japanese car brand that is characterized by all-wheel drive and a boxer engine. A reverent attitude of the manufacturer to traditions leads to the fact that almost every model is made with such a layout.

External tuning on Subaru

Our online tuning shop for Subaru offers different options for changing the appearance of the car.

In the appearance of the car, a significant role is assigned to the rims, and they can even have a non-standard size, but within reasonable limits. It is they who are destined to be as the owner wishes to create their own design and style.

A good aerodynamic body kit is able to change the appearance of the car radically or delicately emphasize some of its features. If you want to make an unforgettable impression on people, you can install some special elements.

Replacing optics and installing tuning rear-view mirrors is a noticeable design change that will attract attention.

Installing a spoiler will give a sporty character, and in combination with a small lining on the trunk lid, will give even more effect.

Spare parts for tuning on Subaru

Subaru sports cars performed at the World Rally Championship, which brought crowds of fans to the brand. The most common option for external tuning was the design in the style of rally cars. The body is blue with yellow emblems on the rear doors, as well as numerous stickers and golden discs. All this has become integral attributes that many owners want to see on their machines. A large nostril is installed on the hood, which is supplemented by an air intake on the roof to more efficiently ventilate the cockpit.

Some owners prefer to apply three fives to the body. This is the title sponsor of the Subaru Championship.

Our company offers a wide range of parts for tuning Subaru. With the help of some modernizations of Japanese cars, they can not only be made more unique, but also remind everyone around of the merits of this brand of car in motor sports.