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Lift hoods, Extensions Struts

Headlights Covers(Eyelids)

Spoilers and Window Spoilers(Visors)

Pads(Lips) for Bumpers


Chevrolet cars are excellent quality vehicles with the best performance. However, there is always something to upgrade the appearance of a car to give it personality. Chevrolet tuning is a large assortment of parts and assemblies for the interior or exterior to make unusual and beautiful styling.

Types of tuning Chevrolet

Tuning a Chevrolet can be difficult or simple, affordable even for a beginner. Most of the work relates to external tuning, which allows you to change the body of a car beyond recognition. In our online store there is always a large assortment of goods.

Tuning the Chevrolet Express can be done using various elements, since its appearance is simple and concise. With the help of various tuning elements, the car is given a different design from sports to traditional family. Using elements for tuning allows you to make the car more recognizable, which serves as additional protection against theft or other troubles.

The classic style of the car is changing so that its character is better suited to your preferences. This is a comprehensive or local tuning. A complex change requires the intervention of professionals, and the local is done independently.

External tuning is:

Bumper pads;

Aerodynamic body kits;




Cilia and mirrors.

All these elements will make the car more individual, attractive in appearance. Aerodynamic body kits are distinguished by original and modern design, made in production from quality materials.

A spoiler is another element that is used when tuning a Chevrolet. With its help, aerodynamics are increased and controllability is maintained at high speeds. With it, the car takes on a sporty look.

Range of tuning in MV-Tuning

Styling and external tuning is not limited only to the specified accessories, it includes other minor, but very attractive little things. These are moldings, chrome lining, giving individuality and brightness. The MV-Tuning catalog shows all this variety of details.